Avaldati 2 mai 2021
The sidemen slurp
Thanks to skylight for hosting us you big donnys:
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 JJ (KSI)
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🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)


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  • I love Simon’s style

  • Tobe is real man dont drink bro

  • it's kinda not fair that Tobi doesn't drink, he should drink for the content.

  • 45:26 why is this so funny 🤣

  • Anyone else notice how josh was limping throughout the video

  • Now y'all need to make challenge videos with diffrent military members from other countries last man standing🤣

  • Tobi ruins these types of videos. He should just drink or not be in these sidemensundays.

  • 17:20 💀💀

  • gotta love how serious ethan gets about drinking

  • Harry and Josh struggling with opening the Bottles Me who can open them with my foot😎

  • Just uploaded Harry singing baby by Justin bieber if anyone wants to watch it

  • 19:42

  • 52:59 Jj laughing the pain away… RIP Ksimon 💔

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  • It’s called a vortex

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  • Leave tobi home for these

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  • simon is a business man

  • The more they drank the thicker they're accents got !! 🤣😂

  • I can already feel the nausea and headaches these guys got the next morning from mixing all those liquors lol

  • 31:30 honestly simon saying Leich tripped me up for a bit I'm dutch and that 'ch' sound was really well pronounced.

  • i love this so much wth😂

  • In the us there is a beer that tastes like apple juice. (Angry orchard)

    • Ethan red hair is showing in this video 🤣🤣

  • Harry is me when it comes to phones 🤣🤣

  • I love these videos. Also, stop making tobi drink.

  • Y’all need another person to make these teams even, I volunteer as tribute 😂

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  • 1:02:27 at this point, vikk is on auto pilot

  • Ethan was only funny when he was fat

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  • Vio drunk enough to think his left was his right foot

  • Did Harry and Zerka just attempt a Vortex? Love and respect from New Zealand the home of the vortex ✊🏾

  • I just want a group of friends i can drink with like this m8

  • them calling it the "tiktok swirl it thing" annoys me. it didn't come from tiktok, and it's called vortexing

  • Main question, is there vomit.

  • Is now one gonna talk about the fact that this video is 1:11:11 long lmaooo

  • If Tobi doesn’t want to drink in any more videos he should’ve put in way more effort in this one!!!!

  • 13:05 "Fat Basturd" "Ethans drink" haha

  • Simon doing the limbo cracks me tf up Bc he’s so damn tall 😂💀

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  • how to open a bottled beer on an edge properly: place the cap on a sharp edge, put ur hand on top of the cap and apply pressure, whilst pulling the bottle down and outwards from the edge

  • Who's father would best them all combined?

  • Harry at 36:10 watchin his m8 knowing it’s downhill from there😂

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  • tobis a buzzkill

  • I feel like that body guard can even drink the ocean😂😂

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  • Drinking videos> other videos

  • How use gonna act big with a bodyguard an try n terror scouse accent ye gang of shitbag millionairs watched use f time but takin the piss da

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  • my 12 year old daughter can drink better

  • can we get a sidemen pug golf 2

  • Those last 20mins were mad

  • The outro is like a movie outro

  • Toby fuckn annoys me ongod

  • Love tobi but hes just bumming me out this vid 😕

  • Vic was supposed to roll the other way not like that haha

  • Bro, isn’t it illegal to drink in public??

  • Drunk Vik is one of my favourite people

  • There is something weirdly attractive about the way harry downs the drinks 😂😂😂

    • @a good name hahaha true

    • Harry simps find everything about him attractive

  • nash for president

  • ayo why it look like that 46:13

  • My Mondays aren't this fun but I bet my Tuesday was alot better.

  • Drunk Vikk is officially my favourite Vikk, he’s such a happy drunk 😂

  • Why doesn’t Tobi usually not drink? Anyone know

    • He just doesn’t like to drink

  • Anyone knows what song does KSI had as a ringtone in the beginning of the video?

    • It’s his song that he made, the latest one. Check his channel

  • Josh: I'm very thirsty (Harry smashes Josh's head with a hopper ball) Simon: FoOkiN hELl!!! Ethan: Bro... Josh: Oww... *Later Harry proceeds to get executed by the boyz* Man that was funny 😂

  • Josh wouldve been a pro adventure until he took and arrow in the knee

  • Monkey shoulder is a whisky

  • Who else drunk af rn

  • JJ paying 2 grand to not drink a shot had me dead

  • "I'm photosynthesizing bro, bro I'm a plant."

  • Petition to let Tobi organize the drinking videos and not participate, just like Josh organizes the vs videos

  • best drinking video ever

  • Do this with Nelk and it wld bang

  • Lol I just noticed that the video is one hour eleven minutes and eleven seconds long

  • So harry's team has won But it all went wrong after that

  • 12 milllll yesssssssss

  • Why does Toby never drink?

    • He’s religious so that might be to do with it


  • 1:05:20 Tobi hahahaha😂

  • 5:30 Technically the agreement was for Simon to drink it. So JJ doesn't owe him the 2k.

  • 55:16 all of them struggling: toby just standing there chilling lol:

  • This video was lit

  • Have to say josh and vick are my favourite great people always smiling

  • harry was so cute in this video 🥺🥰

  • harry kissing simon’s forehead is the sweetest thing 🥺

  • If I join the sidemen I will drink dr. Pepper

  • aye what was ksi's ringtone i cant quite hear it

    • It’s his song that he made lol

  • 56:23 'I'm not that tall guys' XD I feel ya mate! 5'3 lad here!

  • "Cmon Ethan drink that _lek_ "