Avaldati 15 nov 2020
The Sidemen form teams to see which can burn or gain the most calories!
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)

🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔵 JJ (KSI)
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  • 46:49 the girl on the right got big bunda

  • Harry with them work outs

  • Harry’s form, strength, and stamina. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • 3:40 Josh’s laugh sounds like the McDonald’s intro

  • The way tobi gave Ethan the iron man 😂😂 tobi is wholesome af

  • jjs deadlift form made me cringe so hard lmao

  • sidemen: 4 km jog is light work.... me: 1 km jog and dead

  • Petition to bring matt stonie in these calorie battle.. 7sidemen vs solo matt stonie on whoever consumes the most calorie


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  • 25:30 that girl got that big bundaaa

  • Leo: keep grinding Editor: cuts to Tobi with a shortbread in his mouth😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hi

  • why doesn't Tobi want to do anything ever? your getting paid millions to be filmed and be a personality and he has literally Zero

    • @Random Name yeah but every video involves tobi complaining that he’s not gonna do it

    • I mean he's just hanging out with his friends he doesn't really need to be over the top.

  • Harry's in a better condition than JJ

  • 16:37 wow the cloud looks like a perfect cut

  • Do MUKBANG like Ksis video

  • I can’t be the only one that didn’t understand what was going on on the eating sude

  • 00:00 Vik is riding the beat there

  • jj's form on the kettlebell swings and deadlifts is whack bro, leon needs to make this guy fix up

    • Same with his pushups. He was counting his pushups "three...four...five..." and I felt like Elgintensity. ""

  • um did anyone ever noticed at the start of the video jj only had one sock on

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  • 3:45

  • The rowing part was hard to watch, the form was appalling

    • JJ had bad form on everything. The pushups, the deadlifts, the kettlebell swings, the rowing...

  • The vid would help jj with his bock g career anyway

  • in the back ground on 45:58 is the best

  • Hey does anyone know the watch they are using

  • Harry's a beast daamn

  • love how at the height of their workout it switches to josh's team stuffing their faces

  • GOOD JOB VIK AND CALLUX!! That was a tough workout

  • Harry is a machine! but he truly does underestimate himself all the time!

  • I added me cals up for one sitting and I got 3,510 cals I think they could have done more

  • How to become an sidemen member 🤣🤣🥲

  • 25:25 is a map on modern warfare 😹😹 Piccadilly

  • Josh laugh literally makes me weak lmao

  • The last 2 cups of fries won them the game lol >_

  • Cal’s back is crushed from his form💀

  • I would do well at this challenge, the other day I burned 5k calories even when I had a work day (which work is not calorie burning work, just cleaning) for 7 hours.

  • So the game is the same but the only difference is the rackets are different length. Yeah no wonder UK people are mad about us USA people and our "dumb" names. But they call McDonald's what again?

  • 25:23, 6 month later, they didnt have a clue

  • Yo Harry relax with the form. WTF he does it better than most people in my gym. Harry is a fking beast. I would love to see him fight Jake Paul.

  • the zoom ins at 30:46 killed me

  • Ethan is so fine! 😍😍

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  • okenswaveh vimbililyoso xD

  • Vikk: When's the break? Leon: HAHAHAHAHA

  • 41:33

  • 25:50 in the background yall see that???

  • 1:47 Omg 🙄❤️

  • Guys if y'all notice the video carefully when Josh and Ethan where in arcade playing the car game the locations were exactly same, ksi and others were near the Ferris wheel and in the game they were racing near the Ferris wheel 17:12 and 18:48

  • Banger

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  • Squash is hella fun!!

  • Simons pic in the arcade looked like he was a drug adict toad

  • Harry should box someone man. That guernsey power could kill someone man.

  • 25:37 your welcome

  • Can I ask what happened when Ethan had the chocolate bars when it zoomed in on the man

  • i could eat like 10 pringles tubes in a couple hours, and then i would be done

  • 25:50 lol

  • I think I can easily eat 10k calories

  • I think I can easily eat 10k calories

  • yo where did ethan get that jacket fam, looks fire

  • awesome

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  • What was the intro music?

  • Vik needs to carm down

  • Harolds the people's champion

  • 12:34 Lol Callux's belly button sweat

  • Why did everyone skip the jump part on the burpees

  • 6:00 HAD ME DYING “squeez it” 😭

  • at 17:35. vikk was on the wrong team?????

    • Thats josh I get the joke but anyone can clearly see the beared and the grey hairs

  • Fair play to Harry he’s a beast

  • Josh is so good at accents

  • who else noticed the fullsend crew on the tv at 43:46

  • I think this is the most video jj was serious

  • 35:46 what my old eyes see in background

  • If they ever do a calories challenge with JJ, Ethan and two more on calories burning team then their team might win.

  • Harry bossed Jj

  • Pretty cool seeing Ethan and Josh playing one of my favorite arcade games Dead Heat

  • I actually love the way the burners were supporting each other, especially JJ and Vik during the rowing session at the end. It's nice to see them pushing each other

  • 25:20 holy

  • 1:27 me fighting the demons in my room at 3 am

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  • 45:20 right of callux ;)

  • 34:22 viks face 😂

  • I knew callux was posh, but I didnt he was that posh, Mans favourite sport is S Q U A S H

  • i love how when harry was about to run on a little fence on the edge of the water ksi was acc worried and telling him not to do it

  • Gotta love how at the start of the vid, the music syncs with Vik’s sentence

  • Best EEclone Groups: Sidemen Dude Perfect FaZe Clan Click Management

  • Countries I Want To Visit: England South Africa Japan Brazil Turkey Australia New Zealand Canada Italy Belgium France Spain Maldives Bahamas

    • Also United Arab Emirates

  • I think they should have don't it slightly different. For the eating team: kcal consumed - kcal burnt = their number For the losing team: kcal burnt - kcal consumed= their number. Would have made it interesting I think.

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  • 43:14 Stevewilldoit in the background

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  • I think Callux would be a good addition to the sidemen and would make them a lot of money in the future

  • I’d eat more then double what they eat at breakfast easy 4 sos 4 eggs more bean 6 hash browns 6 bacon

  • As someone who rows- the form scared me.

  • JJ"this is easy" half way tbrough the workout "this aint easy"😂

  • Girl on the treadmill at 25:46 definitely helped boosted their endurance 😏