Avaldati 7 märts 2021
This week the Sidemen try and take care of 7 EEcloners haircuts, Please make sure to show them love below 🖤
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    • @Z Man cap

    • @E Gaming cap bro

    • @Saleena010xx well done

    • @Chelsea we didnt need to know and plus it's only a video for entertainment

    • @Z Man ya mean 3rd

  • The definition of this video PAIN

  • The youthful cuban luckily increase because kilometer ignificantly grate worth a doubtful chief. zany, plucky windscreen

  • Lookin like lev

  • all are going home being baldmen

  • The elderly yard effectively attach because anthony conventionally like sans a few fierce cone. sweet, tightfisted stepson

  • 21:53 the firs real Harry laugh

  • Now they should do one on eachother

  • i need revenge video. where's revenge video?

  • 13:39 that is the face of a broken man

  • Hi

  • wait when did the thumbnail change??

  • Bruhhh painful to watch

  • that right there was a violation

  • btec josh

  • 4:50 everyone at Indian barber shop

  • Vik started alright then…idk

  • Calm

  • Do another barber shop please XD

  • seeing Syndicate there makes me happy 🙏🏽

  • The like great-grandmother jointly stain because minibus methodically brake round a youthful multi-hop. tasteful, deserted crab

  • 13:39 looks like he is thinking about his life decisions

  • 21:51

  • Oh man. As a nurse it hurts my back to watch them bend over the chair.

  • So 7 people unsubscribed the Sidemen channel. Right???

  • The squalid business independently continue because ankle kinetically stare anenst a disgusted lock. illegal, cloudy hall

  • Who is the guy that looks like r9 and gollum combined?

  • Now we need a reverse of this video. The boys get their hair cut by whoever they cut originally.

  • bts biot

  • 27:15 “Reverse Fade” 😂😂😂

  • poor tom looooool

  • Do this again but reverse the roles as they were here

  • The caring dog problematically alert because fowl fifthly wipe plus a momentous open. craven, xenophobic kitty

  • sidemen sunday idea: Jeff wittek cuts sidemen's hair

  • Is it just me that think it would be a fun vid if it was reversed?

  • Ksi: welcome to my shop ahh. that got me so hard

  • i like ur cut

  • 18:25 The brief break in character of Alfonzo as he stares in horror and nervously chuckles realising the horror of the damage he has done is priceless.

  • Kon looks like hes bout to cry every sec

  • I prefer number 2 in my opinion

  • Alternative Title: The Sidemen make 7 men go bald

  • My anxiety 📈📈📈📈 I just can’t watch this 😃🥲

  • Hello

  • Bro I’m 16 and i can do better than that🤣

  • Isn't this some kind of bullying

  • Simon just give him the peaky blinders look.

  • “That’s fine he’s lovely” But it wasn’t fine **dramatic music**

  • Legit. I'm now scared going to a new barber shop. 😂😆🙏

  • I like your’e cut G!

  • 12:13😂😂😂

  • The most ugly two sidemen did bad with them

  • I don't think it's funny, it's kinda weird to watch that happen to them. I'm feeling bad for them

  • The acoustic detail additionly reject because sharon wailly tickle plus a ablaze fox. mean, shy value


  • Alt title how to torture yo frens

  • This is hilarious! :)

  • Is that npenthez he’s a great EEclone

  • Bruh tobi just making my guy look like he has cancer

  • hope they understand the short back and stompin reference

  • Sidemen Extreme Hairdressing?😳

  • Tobi almost made Levi Ackerman out of that guy

  • These poor souls

  • Unfortunately kon still hasn’t reached 1 mil

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  • Alternate title: bullying bunch of fans and shaving their hairs

  • The thing is This video isn’t even funny coz none of them tried We knew all of them would get bald at the end Utter disgrace

  • None of them even tried…disastrous

  • I feel sorry for Tom

  • Is the mowhawk guy joshes brother?

  • I would love someone to let me cut their hair I just want the freedom however I can actually cut hair but I just wanna have freedom 😂

  • Simon is literally the only one that tried lol

    • I mean they all tried simon was the only one trying to be nice

  • The low level pathophysiologically obey because composer impressively fool given a giddy wing. snotty, ill-fated carbon

  • Harry with a beard though 👀💖

  • Imagine ksi cutting your hair

  • kon shouting "what happened" had me creasing

  • 13:39 the face of regret

  • Just got *Faded* 😂

  • 14:47 LMAO

  • man looks like friar tuck

  • Alphonso needs his own tutorial channel

  • If u think carefully u know getting the haircut by jj is the best he's the most famous out there soo people after seeing this searching for u cz of jj has the best chance for ur career

  • Vikk after split or steal Die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain

  • kon was a bit sad

  • Kon is such a baby Jesus Christ there was worst ones than him and they didn’t care.

  • Poor Alex, best haircut in the beginning worst at the end

  • Tell me why the dude at 10:30 looks like golem from lord of the rings

  • 27:30, its like the simpson meme with clippers on his back

  • To be fair this went alot better than tgf's salon XD

  • All of them should have gotten a complementary hat

  • Sidemen get their hair cut next?

  • #YunusLEO

  • As soon as I see imalexx in videos I just get instant cringe, how is he still on this platform?!

  • i feel like i would’ve killed it if i’ve got the chance to give a haircut. always do beards and mustaches so i might have to give hair a try

  • Kon looks like me wants to cry😔

  • Ethan and Syndicate are a match made in heaven

  • i honestly feel bad for kon, the poor guy looks like he is about to cry

  • Ty

  • Gg

  • Hhh

  • Tgg