Avaldati 31 jaan 2021
We play our own version of The Price Is Right. Enjoy!
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)

🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔵 JJ (KSI)
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  • ethan: wins the pig. .. takes one to know one this is a joke btw

  • So who’s that girl?

  • It should be called The Price is Wrong, and te host should never be on Countdown, as he couldnt work a broken clock.

  • I can’t believe jj said the project was a guitar 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻

  • Some how Vik is always messing up these games as host

  • That Valentino bag exists and costs 150 euros so around 120 pounds

  • 27:57 The reference flew right over all their heads lol

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  • I’m serious I actually guessed the amount of the pig right lmaoooo idk how tho

  • Great vid as always

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  • This game is the biggest flex for jj cause it shows he never looks at the price 😂😂😂

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  • They chose to do similar items as the CLICK channel

  • 20:02 Simon won the round 😂😂😂math fail

  • 6:41 This is the piggy bank which jj uses😂😂

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  • 27:00

  • 12:40

  • Who's the girl demoing the products tho?

  • 35:27

  • why does simon look like he got a naruto costume from wish

  • When vik said not expensive but does the job i thought. Your mom lol

  • Cc. Vcvbv

  • Allllow Vikkkk man had a bad day that’s all

  • Whats happened to viks math😂

  • 6:35 “Is that a chicken?” 😂😭

  • simon shouldve won the supreme money gun lmao he had 340 harry had 325 the last price was 335 so harry 10 off simon 5 off vikk ffsssssssss

  • I saw the thumbnail and i was thinking to myself Is the price on the car with or without the woman in the picture

  • no one talking about how cheap those groceries are you'd pay $50 in canada for all that

    • @Isaiah burry where cuz im movin then hahah

    • It's like 90% produce, I'd say 25$ max. I live in Canada too btw

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  • The assistant. Anybody got her @?

  • 29:46

  • Simon dressed like Naruto

  • 23:40 josh singing juicy by biggie smalls

  • For the first item I picked 125

  • Vikkstar.. but without 123

  • I love how Ethan said asstafiruala

  • Please make another killer sidemen

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  • yo SIMON won the supreme gun he was 2 bucks away and harry was 13 bucks away

  • Simone be looking like naruto with that jacket 😂😂

  • why are there so many comments hating on josh most of the sidemen stuff wouldn’t be possible without him

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  • Those are some cheap a** groceries (coming from an American)

  • Probably my favourite sdmn video since 2019

  • £14 for that McDonalds meal trough UberEats? im moving to the UK cause that is dirt cheap


  • I don’t think this was as family friendly as vik wanted it😂

  • 9:08 I wonder what happened to the pig ?

  • 13:15 they muted her 😂

  • 14k

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  • Love how vik ignores ksi every time lol

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  • 9:45 who else thought it was the girl they were selling 🤣🤣😅😅(i did)

  • Sym jj and your nana

  • Simon looking like the next hokage.

  • Aye, Josh is back!!


  • 17:46 "Da Josh"

  • 9:50 looks like the jacket wasnt the only thing thats limited edition(people)

  • Simon dressed like he wanna be the next Hokage

  • 19:49 ethan:astagfirullah 😂😂😂

  • 30:47 i guessed 60 pounds but josh put 4.2 billion 😅😂

  • Spot naruto

  • Who do u guys think is gonna win in the Austin mcbroom vs Bryce Hall fight

  • whats up with vicks maths

  • JJ is obviously going to find it hard to prove things he’s a multi millionaire that transfers his mates like £2k to do small favours like it’s 20p

  • Who is Konstatine?

  • I'm still waiting for the Supercar to show up

  • I live in Dubai

  • Missed the opportunity to call it “The price is left” and put ethans dad on the thumbnail

  • 34:50 jj put the price at a duodecillion in case anyone was wondering.

  • I'm so glad Harry didn't win , for someone who doesn't even like donating £1000 to charity so glad he didn't win

  • I feel ashamed that I guess 14.05 on the McDonalds one

  • Vik: gives the watch to jj and tobi Josh: *visible pain

  • Pls make an asphalt 8 video its on pc and its been 4 years since u guys uploaded

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  • I think Vik is on drugs becuase he cant see and do math

  • Simon was closer at 19:55

    • In dollars, but it was 238 pounds, so Harry got the point

  • the dubai vid that never happened :(

  • mathz 100

  • we actually thought vik was good at maths

  • 2:22

  • Uhhhhhhh

  • okay but whos the girll lol

  • I said 4.2 billion-Josh 2021

  • This vid be 🔥 tho

  • 19:59 bro Simon was closer again and he was tryna hint again without embarrassing Vik😭

    • No vik is saying in dollars the reason why he didn’t mention it is because they wrote it in pounds

  • 26:40 it would be around 20£ and that is at the store cus we don't have ubereats in sweden

  • Ksi:pukes shot so he doesnt take an extra one Ksi literqlly 30 seconds later: yeah i think that carrot costs 1m bitcoin

  • Can I just say that Valentino do that bag haha

  • £990